Salem, CT

“Prior to Pre Property Solutions we owned an asset we no longer had the need for. We use to summer there but because we lost our son our, other kids just didn’t want to be there anymore. Too many memories. Our problem was that we couldn’t attend to a traditional sale being 1,000 miles away. We were very frustrated because we were dealing with traditional Realtors that we couldn’t get any service from. You reached out to us, came and saw the property and agreed upon a price. Once we agreed upon that price it was 100% turnkey for us and that was EXACTLY what we were looking for. What really solved our problem was that we never had 1 issue brought to us the entire time. Every month we got our check on almost the exact day. We saw how the program worked in real life, real time, it was a huge stress off of us. Whenever we had a question your team was there to answer it, right up until the end. We were fortunate not to be under a lot of stress financially by hanging on to the property. Candidly we were worried that the property was going to erode due to our inability to take care of it. It was really the peace of mind knowing that the property was being taken care of.”