Moosup, CT

“Prior to meeting Original Real Estate I had moved out of state for my job. I couldn’t afford to make a house payment here out of state and also have to pay my mortgage. I got to the point where I had depleted my savings waiting for my house to sell. I was really starting to panic before I met your company. It was nice that you were able to get someone in there who was renting it so the mortgage could be made on time and there was somewhat of a guarantee that it would end up selling. It was a relief when I realized that the program was working for me. The time that it got frustrating was after the 1st buyer didn’t work out and I still had this property in my name that was holding me back from doing things in my life. However now that it officially closed last year I now own my house here out of state and I don’t have this property in the back of my head that I have to worry about. Thank you Original Real Estate.”