“Before Pre Property Solutions my wife and I were both coming out of divorces that even forced one of us into bankruptcy. In addition to that our landlord stopped paying the mortgage and was pocketing the rent that we paid. We received a notice that we were being evicted and had to go to the court for the foreclosure. It was beyond frustrating because it felt like we were hitting a brick wall everywhere we turned. During 2020 we also had challenges with COVID. I had to quarantine for 3 weeks and also got in a car accident. Pre Property Solutions was different than everyone else out there because they gave us the opportunity to become home owners and that’s all that we needed. It’s a great feeling and now we can focus on improving the property and making it our own.Another huge benefit is that we can take advantage of local grants available in our area, not to mention deduct the money that we pay on our property taxes. Now that we have closed on the home overall we are very happy with how it all played out.”