Clinton, CT

“Before I met Pre Property Solutions I wasn’t able to get a conventional loan again due to various events in my life. I got to the point where I just gave up and I didn’t even want to bother looking for anything. I thought that I was going to keep renting and throwing money away money until I was able to qualify for a loan. The biggest thing that made you different was the flexibility that you guys offered. A way to buy that was non conventional. It clicked for me once we met for the buyers meeting. I got to meet you and see that it wasn’t a scam. It made me comfortable to learn about who you were, your interests and all the similarities that we share. That really helped me to bring down my wall that I had about the whole process. You guys really help to take the huge step forward in reestablishing myself. My life looks great now that I’m working with you. I’m happy, excited and have a good feeling about moving in. I’m happy to finally have a place of my own and to say that I did it on my own. I can’t wait to start adding my personal touches to it and making it my home.”