Bozrah, CT

“Prior to Pre Property Solutions no lender wanted to give us a chance because we had to increase what we were showing for income. That has a lot to do with the business and other streams of income that we have. We were determined to make it work the more and more that we heard the word, “No.” Once we saw the house we fell in love with it and what was different about you guys is we were able to lock it in today rather than chance missing out on it in the future. There’s now just a few things that we have to take care of on our end so that we will be able to get our loan on it.The moment that we heard that we were accepted I think we may have tap danced a little bit. We definitely jumped up and down. We were over the moon about it. It’s impossible to describe how we feel now that the house is ours. Honestly. It’s something that we didn’t feel would ever happen. Knowing that it’s there. It’s something that’s overwhelming but not in a bad way, but with happiness.”