Consulting Not Selling, with Dale Masslon

Episode 29:

Episode Topic:

In this episode of Not Just A Transaction, host Nick Prefontaine speaks with Real Estate Advisor, Dale Masslon about the difference of working with buyers vs sellers, and why he likes the challenge. Dale also explains how his 30 year background in manufacturing makes him an expert at finding the right solutions for clients.

Glossary of Special Terms Used in this Episode:

  • Flipping – When a real estate investor purchases a distressed property or a home in need of repairs or renovation, makes the needed changes, then resells the property at a markup.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dale leverages his 30 years of experience in manufacturing to find the right solution for buyers and sellers
  • Why Dale finds buying a home more challenging than selling a home
  • The reason Dale went from flipping and investing in homes to becoming a real estate agent
  • Why you should never aim to meet in the middle during a negotiation
  • The questions that a real estate agent should ask during an initial consultation


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Dale Masslon’s Bio:

After spending almost 30 years in the Aviation Industry as a Business Manager, Customer Service Manager and Technical Guru it was time for a change into a career and business that would provide me with more satisfaction and the ability to focus on the things that were really important to my family and MYSELF. Having started investing in real estate for personal use, and following friends who were investing in real estate for both home ownership and wealth building, in 2012 I began researching and educating myself on Real Estate investment, rehabilitation and management to become a premier Real Estate Investor.

As a Real Estate investor, I noticed the need for a better quality Real Estate agent. One who would listen to their clients and work for them, not the commission. This caused me to become a Licensed Realtor so that I could help others. I have spent much time and expense to get the best Real Estate experiences I can to better educate myself on options for my clients, this allows me to help clients in ways that others can’t. From early on in my real estate career I became known as someone who would not turn down an opportunity to help someone or answer their questions. This led to a reputation for being able to Think Outside the box and create solutions for my client’s needs. Whenever there is a challenge in Real Estate, there is also a solution that will work for everyone. My job is to find it.

One of my Proudest Moments was receiving our company’s Cultural Ambassador Award in 2016. Other Awards include 2015 KWGH Rookie of the Year for outstanding Sales. Training and education includes over 50 hours of Commercial Investing and Sales. In 2021 I completed my coursework to be a CT Licensed Broker and am eagerly awaiting my tests.

Nick’s Bio:

In 2003, Nick Prefontaine was in a snowboarding accident that left him in a coma for over 3 weeks. The doctors told his parents that he probably wouldn’t walk, talk, or eat on his own again. Less than 3 months later, he was running out of Franciscan Children’s hospital. Now Nick speaks to groups that benefit from his message of overcoming adversity.

Nick grew up in the real estate industry and got started at an early age. Most notably, he was knocking on Pre-Foreclosure doors at 16, doing up to 50 doors a day. This experience helped shape Nick’s real estate career. When someone opens the door you better have something compelling to say.

Now, Nick specializes in working with lease purchase buyers to get them into a home and on the path to home ownership. That includes working with them throughout the entire deal which ends in them being able to get their own loan. Getting buyers to the finish line is something Nick and the entire Pre Property Solutions team take pride in. That is something that separates them from their competition. Regardless of a buyer’s credit situation, he looks at their complete financial picture and comes up with a plan to get them into a home.

Zachary’s Bio:

Zachary is an Amazon Best-Selling Author of The New Rules of Real Estate Investing and revised edition of Real Estate On Your Terms. He has been an authority in real estate for 7 years now and has personally completed hundreds of real estate transactions and has mentored investors to complete thousands of transactions.

At the age of 25, Zachary decided to leave the world of bartending and personally training and jump into the family business. Now he is an equal partner and runs the acquisitions department, focusing on helping sellers accomplish their goal of selling their property.

If Zachary is not working, you will find enjoying the outdoors or spending time with his wife Kayla and two kids Remi and Bellamy. His passion for family and business is what keeps him motivated and excited to take on each day.