Not Just a Transaction: The Home Buyers & Sellers Podcast

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We believe that buying a home is more than just a transaction. It is one of the biggest buying or selling decisions a person makes in their entire life! And it involves a true journey, especially for those who want to avoid what has long been considered the only financing route to owning a home.

Episode 68: The Role of Head of Acquisitions, with Steve Mernick

Episode Topic: In this episode of Not Just a Transaction, hosts Nick Prefontaine and Zachary Beach chat with special guest Steve Mernick about his role as Head of Acquisitions at Original Real Estate. Steve explains how his work can help change the trajectory of the…

Episode 59: How to Sell Correctly, with John Martinez

Episode Topic: In this episode of Not Just A Transaction, host Nick Prefontaine speaks with a special guest and sales expert, John Martinez. John explains how sellers can make sure that they’re getting the best price for their property, and what buyers can do to…

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