The Ultimate Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Have you ever sat across from someone who was weeping tears of joy because they could finally call themselves a homeowner?

We have. That joy, that magical moment when someone realizes their dreams? We can’t get enough of it. Our team wants every home buyer and seller out there to have that moment, so we created the Homeowners Handbook to help as many people as possible make that dream of theirs a reality. 

From finding the right realtor to financing and maintenance requirements — we know just how many obstacles homeowners are facing in our current real estate climate. That’s why the Homeowners Handbook is designed to not only inform, but demystify the buying and selling process so that homeowners in all stages can navigate and overcome those obstacles with confidence.

Everything You Need — and More

Original Real Estate has helped hundreds of people become homeowners, and now, our team has infused our collective experience and knowledge into a simple, comprehensive, and free guide that all homeowners can benefit from — no matter where they are in the buying and selling process. 


In the Homeowners Handbook, you’ll find expert guidance and leading industry insights into:


  • Interviewing and selecting the right realtor
  • Expectations and timelines for the buying process
  • What YOU need to know as both a Buyer and a Seller
  • Alternative ways to sell your home
  • Homeowner’s maintenance — including a handy checklist


And that’s barely scratching the surface!

Are you dreaming of becoming a homeowner? Claim your copy of the Homeowners Handbook today to start making that dream a reality.