Buyer Reviews

Marlborough, CT

“Before we met Pre Property Solutions we were not able to find anyone that could help us regain our credit. It was aggravating because we weren’t going to be in the position that we already are for a very long time. Pre Property Solutions gave us hope. They take more care of their clients than anyone we’ve worked with. Both Pre Property Solutions and anyone who they recommend are very fast. They get straight to the solution. The moment that we realized Pre Property Solutions was helping to solve our problem was at the buyers meeting. We felt so at ease and positive walking out of there. That they really had our best intentions in mind. My credit has already started to go up and we are more comfortable than we have ever been. The neighbors have welcomed us with open arms and they love seeing our kids outside playing. We feel great being able to call this our home.”

Amanda & Jonathan C.

Clinton, CT

“Before I met Pre Property Solutions I wasn’t able to get a conventional loan again due to various events in my life. I got to the point where I just gave up and I didn’t even want to bother looking for anything. I thought that I was going to keep renting and throwing money away money until I was able to qualify for a loan. The biggest thing that made you different was the flexibility that you guys offered. A way to buy that was non conventional. It clicked for me once we met for the buyers meeting. I got to meet you and see that it wasn’t a scam. It made me comfortable to learn about who you were, your interests and all the similarities that we share. That really helped me to bring down my wall that I had about the whole process. You guys really help to take the huge step forward in reestablishing myself. My life looks great now that I’m working with you. I’m happy, excited and have a good feeling about moving in. I’m happy to finally have a place of my own and to say that I did it on my own. I can’t wait to start adding my personal touches to it and making it my home.”


Bozrah, CT

“Prior to Pre Property Solutions no lender wanted to give us a chance because we had to increase what we were showing for income. That has a lot to do with the business and other streams of income that we have. We were determined to make it work the more and more that we heard the word, “No.” Once we saw the house we fell in love with it and what was different about you guys is we were able to lock it in today rather than chance missing out on it in the future. There’s now just a few things that we have to take care of on our end so that we will be able to get our loan on it.The moment that we heard that we were accepted I think we may have tap danced a little bit. We definitely jumped up and down. We were over the moon about it. It’s impossible to describe how we feel now that the house is ours. Honestly. It’s something that we didn’t feel would ever happen. Knowing that it’s there. It’s something that’s overwhelming but not in a bad way, but with happiness.”

T. Bolton & S. Bly


“Before Pre Property Solutions my wife and I were both coming out of divorces that even forced one of us into bankruptcy. In addition to that our landlord stopped paying the mortgage and was pocketing the rent that we paid. We received a notice that we were being evicted and had to go to the court for the foreclosure. It was beyond frustrating because it felt like we were hitting a brick wall everywhere we turned. During 2020 we also had challenges with COVID. I had to quarantine for 3 weeks and also got in a car accident. Pre Property Solutions was different than everyone else out there because they gave us the opportunity to become home owners and that’s all that we needed. It’s a great feeling and now we can focus on improving the property and making it our own.Another huge benefit is that we can take advantage of local grants available in our area, not to mention deduct the money that we pay on our property taxes. Now that we have closed on the home overall we are very happy with how it all played out.”

V.M. & K.S.

Webster, MA

“After a bad divorce and a foreclosure looming, I thought I would never be able to buy a home again. Preproperty Solutions made it possible and now I am living in my dream home. Easy to work with. Communicated with me throughout the process.”

Michele M.

Stillwater, PA

“Pre property solutions made our experience of getting into a home easy and hassle free. They were there to answer any questions may have had and made the experience very positive. We got into our home within a few weeks and they went above and beyond. Truly an amazing group of people. Don the gentleman we were working very close with knew we were closing on my husbands birthday and gave us a bottle of wine to celebrate both moving into our beautiful home and his birthday.Thank you pre property solutions for getting us into a lovely home and going above and beyond for us!!”

The VanHoesen Family